MERBLISS Wedding Dress Mask Hydration/Whitening/Vitalizing/Soothing 5 sheet 茉贝丽思 新娘婚纱面膜 保湿/美白/活力醒肤/舒缓 5片

  • Intense Hydration Coating NUDE SEAL MASK

100% natural nude seal pearl based maskExcellent adhesion and ventilation that form water repellent coating on skinHydration Coating / Long Lasting Hydration / Brightness Soothing

  • Signature Whitening MASTER SEAL MASK

0.06mm highly concentrated cream coated super-tight fit mask sheet keeps the skin texture firm and supply nutrition with multi-flower complex ingredients

  • Ruby Ultra Vitalizing MICRO-FIBER MASK

The ampule formulated with Red Ginseng and Schizandra ingredients in micro-fiber mask boost energy and vitalizes tired skin

  • Aloe Honey Soothing CLEAR SEAL MASK

Aloe gel mixed with pure honey ingredients mildly cools and sooth skin that has been stimulated by ultraviolet rays


After cleansing and toning, peel film off of mask and apply mask onto face. Adjust for best fit. Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes, and then remove. Gently massage to aid in absorption, and then follow up with moisturizer.

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  • 新娘婚纱芦荟蜂蜜舒缓面膜
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