Miche Bloomin'

Miche Bloomin Eyelash Glue (Clear) 日本Miche Bloomin 纱荣子 假睫毛胶水 (透明款) 5ml


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Miche Bloomin Eyelash Glue (Clear) 

  • Keep your false eyelashes in close contact for 24 hours! It has a super strong fit that is twice as strong as our company and won't come off all day long.
  • Since the adhesive does not remain on the eyelids and can be removed cleanly, it can be used repeatedly without damaging the false eyelashes.
  • 24-hour waterproof, so you can rest assured even in the pool or the sea!
  • Waterproof

日本Miche Bloomin 纱荣子 假睫毛胶水 (透明款)

  • 让您的假睫毛24小时保持紧密接触! 它具有超强的贴合度,强度是我们公司的两倍,并且一整天都不会脱落。
  • 由于粘合剂不会残留在眼睑上,并且可以清除干净,因此可以重复使用,不会损坏假睫毛。
  • 24小时防水,让您即使在泳池或大海中也能放心!
  • 防水

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