Miche Bloomin'

Miche Bloomin Saeko Eyelash Glue (Alcorol Free) 日本Miche Bloomin 纱荣子 假睫毛胶水 (防敏粘性强款) 5ml


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Miche Bloomin Eyelash Glue (Alcorol Free) 

  • Alcohol-free formula that is safe for sensitive skin and resistant to sweat and water!
  • Super strong fit keeps false eyelashes from coming off all day! 
  • Resistant to sweat and water!
  • Clear type

日本Miche Bloomin 纱荣子 假睫毛胶水 (防敏粘性强款)

  • 无酒精配方,对敏感肌肤也安全,耐汗防水!
  • 超强贴合,让假睫毛一整天都不会脱落!
  • 耐汗、耐水!
  • 透明型

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