Mikimoto Moist Plus Hair Shampoo 380ml 珍珠润泽修复洗发乳

  • Fine bubbles, wash gently background.
  • Deeply moist was, to smooth hair.
  • Finely in a rich lather, good foam of finger street will firmly wash away any excess sebum and dirt.
  • It is a non-silicon type of shampoo.
  • Creamy foam that protects the hair from friction in the wash, hair repair component is moisturize, washes smooth finger street.
  • Glamorous and elegant Imperial pearl scent of the Magnolia and Rose was the center, and produce an elegant bath time.
  • Original hair repair blending component "Pearl repair essence'. Repairs damaged and aging hair. 
  • Delivers moisture to hair. 
  • Contains Legally chestnut I season Olin (cationized hydrolyzed Konkiorin), MEA similar component (Kuotaniumu 33), creatine [Any hair repair ingredients] , Hydrolysis conchiolin [moisturizing]
How to use: 
  • Spread the warm water up to the scalp, after wet enough the hair, please wash firmly whipped an appropriate amount taken up in hand.
  • Then, please rinse well. Behind and hairline of ear Let's especially carefully rinse.
  • Water, laureth-4 carboxylic acid Na, laureth sulfate Na, cocoamphoacetate Na, glycolic distearate, hydroxyalkyl (C12-14) hydroxyethyl sarcosine, perfumes, hydrolysis conchiolin, cationized hydrolyzed conchiolin -2, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, creatine, cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bis ethoxydiglycol, EDTA-3Na, etidronate, chloride Na, citric acid, Quaternium -33, Kokamidomechiru MEA, salicylic acid, tocopherol, BG, polyquaternium-7, polyglyceryl laurate -10 , lanolin fatty acids, sulfuric acid Na, phosphoric acid, benzoic acid Na, methyl paraben


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