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Mini Flat Pouch (Pochacco) 三丽鸥 迷你小包 (帕恰狗)


Mini Flat Pouch

Pochacco with a gentle hand-drawn touch will make you feel warm. Comes with a chain that you can attach to your bag and carry around!

  • Convenient for carrying cards and small items
  • 1 inner open pocket
  • Comes with a chain that can be attached to the handle of the bag

Size:About 12 x 1 x 8cm

Material:PU leather

*Made in China

三丽鸥 迷你小包

带有柔和手绘触感的帕恰狗会让您感到温暖。 配有链条,可以挂在包上随身携带!

  • 方便携带卡片和小物件
  • 1 个内部开口口袋
  • 附有一条链条,可以挂在包的提手上

尺寸:约 12 x 1 x 8cm





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