[Limited] Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Music Box of Starlit Sky Shiny Cream


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"Starry sky music box" appearing in the TV animation "Sailor Moon" series appears as a shiny cream that can be used for eye shadow and body makeup and multi.

The lid has a double structure, opening the small lid on the outside, the moon motif and the pink rhinestone will shine brilliantly against the aurora color holosiel.

Shiny cream is inside the inside lid. With plenty of fine glitter particles, with a single swatch, the glitter particles will reflect off the light, giving a sparkle to your skin. As well as eye shadow, of course, it can be used for be used for body make-up during the summer season when the exposure of your skin increases, it is also a multi item that is also active in party scenes. Have 5 types of moisturizing ingredients (Squalane, hyaluronic acid Na, chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf oil, royal jelly extract) that imagined Sailor 5 warriors, and it is a nice prescription for your skin.

<Product Material>
Starlit sky music box Shiny cream cosmetics
※ Container ABS · PMMA
※ cushioning material PE
※ box paper

<Product size>
H60 × W60 × D30 mm


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