MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble Hair Foam/4gn Mermaid Green 爱茉莉 Hello Bubble 泡泡染发剂 4GN美人鱼绿色

$11 $15.99

Featuring: Blackpink's Jennie


Hair dye pouch 30ml, Container(60g), Secret magic ampoule 5ml, Treatment and manual, Plastic Gloves and gown included

Size: 30 g. + 60 g.


  • Mix Solution 1 and Solution 3 Secret Magic Ampoule into Solution 2 Bubble Foam Color Bottle
  • Shake sideways 20 times
  • Apply evenly to hair 
  • Wait 20-30 minutes 
  • Wash product out of hair 

[Ingredients] Ammonia Free & Coconut Scent.

Hello!! Bubble Foam Color x Black Pink 2019 SS Limited Edition – Moona StoreJual Miss En Scene - Hello Bubble Hair Color - Mermaid Green - Jakarta  Utara - YuanAnShop | Tokopedia


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