Missha 迷尚

MISSHA Italprism Eyeshadow [15 Types] 義想曲晶璨編織眼影

$12.75 $15

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MADE IN ITALY: Collection from Italy, where makeup trends are started

  • Achieve a gorgeous gradient eye look with just your finger, no brush or sponge applicator necessary
  • Recommended for Makeup novices looking to perfect the gradient eye look
  • Recommended for Those looking to simplify and expedite makeup application
  • Recommended for Those looking for a compact, convenient, travel-friendly eye shadow product

This eyeshadow made the hot topic as "Crazy Good Quality with Reasonable price" on the Korean Cosmetic Market. Technical cooperation with INTERCOS. This is famous the words-of-mouth of the beauty bloggers "this's better quality than items of 'NARS', 'laura mercier' and so on. But it's really cheap!!".
Soft Fine Powder: Easy to apply. Vivid colors. Long-lasting. Elegant gold case. Pearly Elegant Glow. 





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