Missha Phytochemical Skin Supplement Sheet Mask (1PC) [6 Types]


Phyto-Chemical Skin Supplement Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask with Phyto-chemical, which is produced when plants protect themselves, provide rich nutrients on your skin and improve your skin health.


AT - Anthocyanin (Lifting - Wrinkle Care) 

Solutions for: Skin that has lost strength and is wrinkled.

Description: Anthocyanin, polyphenols in purple food (grapes, eggplant, prune), makes your skin smooth, elastic and healthy. Lifting sheet mask. Made or the sagging skin without tightening.


BE - Betacarotene (Nourishing) 

Solutions for: Powerless and frizzy skin/ weakened skin

Description: Among the polyphenols in yellow food (carrot ,pumpkin, orange) , beta carotene gives the skin a nutritious feeling. Made for skin without nutrition and vitality. Helps you have a radiant and luster skin. 


IS - Isoflavone (Deep Moisture) 

Solutions for: Rough and tired skin/ extremely dry skin

Description: Isoflavone in white food (soybeans, beans, soya milk) , forms a moisturizing film on your skin and makes it shiny. Made for stretched skin because of dryness. Helps you feel deep moist layer on your skin. 


TN - Tannin (Purifying) 

Solutions for: Skin with waste accumulation/sensitive skin

Description: Among the polyphenols that are contained in black food (charcoal, black tea) , tannin purifies the skin. Helps you to soothe and purify sentisized skin.


LP - Lycophene (Peeling tone up- Whitening) 

Solutions for: Appearance of spot/ darken skin

Description: Lycophene is rich in red food, making the skin vivid and white. Made for skin that looks dark because of blemishes. Brightening sheet mask. Helps you to have a flawless clean skin like white porcelain. 


CT- Catechin (Hydrating) 

Solutions for: Dry and moisture-free skin/ rough skin

Description: Among the polyphenols in green food, catechin moistens the skin by giving moisture. Made for dry skin without hydration. Helps you to feel cool and hydrated on skin. 


  • After washing your face, prepare skin with toner.
  • Spread the sheet mask evenly on face.
  • Leave for 10 to 20 minutes and. remove. 
  • Pat leftover essence lightly until fully absorbed. 



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