Missha 迷尚

Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trobule Patch Set 8 Sheets/box (24 Patches/Sheet) 迷尚 隐形透明轻薄痘痘贴 8张/盒 (24片/张)

Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trobule Patch Set
  • Anti-acne patches 
  • All skin types, especially acne skin
  • 96 patches


Anti-acne patches that help eliminate marks and pimples for clean and healthy skin.

They contain ingredients with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil, grape oil and hyaluronic acid, which help reduce redness, speed up the recovery process and also act as a shield against bacteria .

Includes 96 transparent circular patches of various sizes. They are easy to adhere and remove to any type and shape of skin. Ideal for skin with acne problems.

How to use

It is recommended for use during the nighttime facial routine. With clean and dry skin, apply a patch to the affected area. Remove the next morning. Try not to apply any treatment or cream between the patch and your skin.


迷尚 隐形透明轻薄痘痘贴










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