Missha 迷尚

MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream 迷尚 水活细胞蜗牛霜 52ml


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MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

Use the power of snail cream to restore damaged skin and improve skin barrier function. Made with 70% snail slime extract, this gel-cream moisturizer helps hydrate, brighten, reduce signs of aging, and repair skin damage.

Recommended for normal/dry and damaged skin.

Key Ingredients
65% SNAIL SLIME MUCUS: Improves skin and helps treat skin trouble, dull complexion, lack of elasticity, etc.
BAOBAB TREE EXTRACT & DEEP SEA WATER: Provides hydration to skin
BOTANICAL CALLUS EXTRACT: Provides vitality to skin

How to use
As the last step in your skincare routine, apply a generous amount of cream onto your face and gently pat it in to absorb.

*Made in Korea

迷尚 水活细胞蜗牛霜

利用蜗牛霜的力量来修复受损肌肤,改善肌肤屏障功能。 这款凝胶霜保湿霜由 70% 的蜗牛粘液提取物制成,有助于补水、提亮、减少衰老迹象并修复皮肤损伤。





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