Missha 迷尚

MISSHA Super Aqua Snail Ampoule 30ML

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Premium ampoule made of snail slime concentrate restores the damaged skin barrier.

  • 65% Snail slime extract replenishes dehydrated skin and strengthens weakened skin barrier.
  • Viscous formula containing EGF Complex known for effectively strengthening the skin barrier makes for a powerful healing ampoule
  • EGF Complex and Baobab seed extract improves moisture retention and provides rich nutrients for skin
  • MOISTURE RETENTION: 13.7% Increase
  • NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: x50 magnification

Recommended for:
- Those with dull and rough skin from exposure to extreme weather/dryness
- Those who feel that previous skincare steps do not provide needed hydration
- Those who want to improve and strengthen their moisture retention barrier
- Those who have reactive skin that is easily affected by external conditions



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