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MISSHA Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Booster 195ML

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Clear, pure skin full of moisture:

MISSHA Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop solves skin problems caused by dryness, and ensures a healthy and naturally radiant complexion!


The B12 Booster replenishes the skin with plenty of moisture after cleansing the face, paves the complexion and prepares the skin perfectly for subsequent care.


  • pure moisture already in the first care step
  • clear, radiant complexion
  • prepares the skin for the subsequent care
  • make Up adheres better
  • without parabens and benzyl alcohol

  • Vitamin B12 and an important Mulitvitamin complex fill the moisture stores of the skin for 72 hours bulging on
  • the toner smoothes the Skin texture and prepares it perfectly for the subsequent care
  • it eliminates due to dryness caused skin problems
  • the result is a clear, healthy radiant complexion
  • without parabens and benzyl alcohol


  1. Vitamin B12: Strengthens the skin's resistance and brings the skin back into balance
  2. Multivitamin Complex B4, B5, B7 , B8, B9, E: Protects the skin and makes it easy to bounce off harmful external influences
  3. Sea Buckthorn extract: Moisture deluxe
  4. Ceramide: Moisture storage in the depots at depth

Take the booster on your hands or a cotton pad and gently apply it the skin on. Gently pat in.


Tip 1: Take the Vitamin Booster with you everywhere and use it whenever your skin feels dry.

Tip 2: Soak cotton pads in booster and put them on your face as a pack for 5-10 minutes.

  1. Sensible skin: Booster & Ampouler
  2. Dry skin: Booster & Cream
  3. Nightcare: Booster & Concentrate Cream

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