Mixim Suppli Placenta Hair & Body Oil Capsule 750mg x 14 capsules 觅籍 Suppli胶原蛋白胎盘素头发&身体油胶囊 750mg x 14颗


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Mixim Suppli Placenta Hair & Body Oil Capsule

Functional natural hair care that contains supplement ingredients and raw keratin (repair ingredients) in a unique blending ratio. 90% or more is a beauty essence ingredient.
A beauty oil that can be used throughout the body in a variety of situations. Capsule type for easy portability.

All-in-one (space) 6 functions
1. As damage oil
2. As scalp massage oil
3. As styling oil
4. As hand nail care oil
5. As body moisturizing care oil

6. As UV care
Organic Iran Iran drop scent
Petroleum Surfactant, Na Laures Sulfate, Paraben, Animal Experiment Free Formula

觅籍 Suppli胶原蛋白胎盘素头发&身体油胶囊


多合一(空间) 6 功能
1. 作为损伤油
2. 作为头皮按摩油
3. 作为定型油
4. 作为手指甲护理油
5. 作为身体保湿护理油

6. 作为UV 护理


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