Mocchi Skin Face Wash [3 Types] 150G


This mousse type foam cleanser is an all in one cleanser, which washes, tightens pores, moisturises and has a mask pack effect. It produces mocha like bubbles that has excellent denseness and adhesion. It cleanses without irritation and maintains your youthful smooth skin. Squalane and high-quality oil (baobab, argan oil) replenish skin's necessary moisture and prevent sagging or dullness through its highly moisturizing properties. Rinses off while leaving the skin moisture without sticky feeling. It not only gives you surprisingly bouncy skin, but also reduces the appearance of pores and refines the skin surface.

Honey White: High moisture cleanser that removes dirt with the clay and enzymes and also moisturises the skin. The main ingredients are enzymes, clay, honey and beauty oil

Charcoal Black: The black cleanser is more cleansing oriented that performs light peeling and cleanses with enzymes, clay and charcoal. The main ingredients are the same as the white but also contain black charcoal

Sakura: The main ingredients are the same as the white but also contain Yoko Sakura Extract from the Ehime Prefecture to leave the skin luminous

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