Moist Diane

Moist Diane 2024 Perfect Beauty Sakura Shine Treatment 黛丝恩 2024 春日限定樱花无硅护发素 450ml


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Moist Diane 2024 Perfect Beauty Shine Sakura Treatment

For prismatic hair that is moisturized to the tips of your hair and sparkles in spring. Spring-limited French cherry blossom scented shampoo and treatment set.
For cuticle care, color maintenance, and moisture and shine repair.

  • Three types of cherry blossom extracts: For even damaged hair, moisturizes and holds it all the way to the tips
  • Platinum keratin: Provides the ultimate moisture repair for shiny, platinum-like hair
  • Heat care ingredients Contains: Uses the heat of the hair dryer to care for your hair
  • Shampoo is non-silicon

How to Use

  1. After shampooing, lightly dry your hair.
  2. Take an appropriate amount and apply it all over your hair.
  3. After leaving it for a while, rinse thoroughly.

*Made in Japan

黛丝恩 2024 春日限定樱花无硅护发素

适合棱柱形头发,滋润至发梢,在春天闪闪发光。 春季限定法国樱花香味洗发水和护理套装。

  • 三种樱花提取物:即使是受损的头发,也能滋润并保持头发一直到发梢
  • 白金角蛋白:为闪亮、白金般的头发提供终极保湿修复
  • 热护理成分包含:利用吹风机的热量来护理您的头发
  • 洗发水不含硅


  1. 洗发后,轻轻擦干头发。
  2. 取适量并涂抹在整个头发上。
  3. 放置一段时间后,彻底冲洗。



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