Mon Loulou

Mon Loulou Liquid Butter Body Mist 150ml 日本MON LOULOU 乳木果油身体保湿喷雾


Made with: Shea Butter Aqua* 

About Shea Butter Aqua* : 

It's a shea butter derivative with excellent water-dispersion properties. Shea butter is a solid fat that is oil-soluble, making it difficult to mix with water-based formulas. However,  Shea Butter Aqua allows users to enjoy its wonderful moisturizing effects in a simple water-based formula.  

Shea butter, which was hard and hard to stretch, appeared as mist.
It can be applied quickly and evenly.
A moist shea butter seems moist.


Shea Butter Aqua Benefits: Moisturizing. The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin.It also reduces inflammation.


3% - Shea butter aqua 3% formulated.

5% - Shea butter aqua 5% formulated.


  • How to use:
Spray an appropriate amount and gently blend in with the palm of your hand.


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