MORE ROOM Musk + Freesia Hand & Nail Cream 75g 日本 MORE ROOM 香氛护手霜 (白麝香+小苍兰)75g


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MORE ROOM Musk + Freesia Hand & Nail Cream

A well-balanced and rich scent with hints of sweetness, freshness, crispness, elegance on white musk base.

Hands and nail creams that moisturize your hands, fingertips, and nails. A multi-care series of more rooms born from such a desire that modern people living busy days should feel the importance of caring for themselves.
Introducing a new hand and nail cream that contains a plant-based moisturizing oil that has grown robustly in various environments and has plenty of capacity to be perfect for home care.
No coloring, no animal ingredients. Eight kinds of botanical moisturizing oils are used luxuriously.
It is a large-capacity type that is easy to incorporate into daily care, so it is also recommended for the body.
It has a smooth texture and spreads well, and is moisturizing without stickiness. With this one, you can daily moisturize your body, hands, fingertips, and nails.

日本 MORE ROOM 香氛护手霜 (白麝香+小苍兰)


滋润双手,指尖和指甲的护手霜和指甲霜。 一系列的MORE ROOM护理室诞生于这样一种愿望,即现代人忙碌的日子应该感到关爱自己的重要性。
没有着色,没有动物成分。 豪华使用八种植物保湿油。
它具有光滑的质地,散布良好,并且保湿而不会发粘。 有了这个,您可以每天为您的身体,手,指尖和指甲保湿。



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