MOREMO Keratin Hair Color (8AP Ash Purple) 茉芮茉 角蛋白護理染发剂 (8AP灰紫) 60g


MOREMO Keratin Hair Color

The salon-like hair color steps at home. Keratin protein helps prevent hair damage and keeps hair color longer.

  • Keratin care + color! Premium Hair Color that provides intensive keratin protein care without damaging hair.
  •  Hair coloring with higher color radiance & less damage!
  • Cuticle protection & Long-lasting hair color.


Step 1: Protect your hair from damage with Keratin Hair Ampoule before coloring.
Step 2: Keratin Color penetrates into the hair with both color and nutrition, enabling color to adhere to your hair effectively.
Step 3: Protein Cream, Recovery Balm B, provides protection for your hair and its color, allowing you to dye hair at home without worrying about hair damage.

韩国 MOREMO 茉芮茉 角蛋白护理染发霜 提升色泽滋养修护 不伤发染发膏 # 薰衣草.

韩国 MOREMO 茉芮茉 角蛋白护理染发霜 提升色泽滋养修护 不伤发染发膏 # 薰衣草.


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