MOSTORY Mogeundan Anti Hair Loss Root Strengthen Shampoo Ball 韩国MOSTORY 强健发根防脱洗发皂 100g


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MOSTORY Mogeundan Anti Hair Loss Root Strengthen Shampoo Ball

Functional Shampoo Soap Bar Helps Relieve Hair Loss Symptoms

15 precious herbal ingredients make hair stronger from the root.

100% Satisfaction trusted and used root hair loss treatment

100% Satisfied with the overall experience

100% Satisfied improved reduction in amount of hair fall

100% Satisfied improve dandruff and itching symptoms

100% Satisfaction soothes and improves scalp

100% Satisfied improves scalp elasticity

100% Satisfied improves scalp moisture content

A golden combination of 15 kinds of carefully selected herbal ingredients out of 1,403 kinds of herbs recorded in "Donguibogam"!

1,240 hours, 7 stages of sincerity Contains 20,000ppm of hair root essence, opening up a new direction for hair loss management.

01 Key ingredients to strengthen hair - keep it noble

Ensure that the active ingredients are fully delivered and will not be diluted by pure water, which is extremely precious

Made with 15 carefully selected oriental herbs
Contains 20,000ppm hair root essence

Special Tips for Scalp Cleansing Management
Contains 99.9% Pure 24K Gold

02 It is melted to go deeper - to the end

5 kinds of active ingredients of the shampoo are concentrated in one hair root to nourish the hair and scalp. Cleanse your scalp with fresh ingredients!

Helps improve hair root volume after just one use

Four times better hair (volume, hair shine, hair elasticity, hair moisture) after just one use
*In vitro test, human skin clinical test center, 2023.06, 20 human hairs and 23 hair volumes per light
Gloss/elasticity/moisture test, 1 use, did not show the same effect when used on humans

Helps protein adsorption on hair surface after 1 use
*In vitro test, human skin clinical test center, 2023.06, 20 human hairs were used at one time, did not show the same effect when used on the human body Complete the hair loss test 250 times
*In vitro test, human skin clinical test center, 2023.06, 20 white roots
Hair, used 250 times after dyeing hair, did not show the same effect when used on human body

03 Rich foam power, healthy hair care - fully contained

Improve the scalp environment and make your hair soft and silky, rub the scalp evenly like a gentle massage of the scalp to make it fully absorbed, let it stand for about 3 minutes, and then rinse, so that the cleaning power and hair care effect are better.

Helps scalp keratin scaling effect after 1 use

Dead skin area reduction rate 359.38%

Helps relieve dandruff and temporary itching after 4 weeks of use

04 Scalp is precious as it is skin

In order to achieve the balance of water and oil, 26 kinds of chemical ingredients most similar to the skin are safe without adding.
It has scalp-friendly slightly acidic and cares for hair and scalp damaged by external harmful environment.

  • It does not contain 51 kinds of ingredients that trouble the scalp and is safe to use.
  • 7 types paraben free
  • Free from 26 allergen ingredients
  • Does not contain 18 harmful chemical ingredients

How to Use

  1. Wet scalp and hair well with warm water.
  2. Like combing hair, rub the roots through the hair to create a lather.
  3. Apply the rich foam to every corner of the scalp and hair like a massage, and leave it on for about 3 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly at the end to avoid residue.

*Due to the nature of the product, it may melt in water, so please store it in a place where water does not collect.

*Made in Korea

韩国MOSTORY 强健发根防脱洗发皂



100% 满意值得信赖和使用的发根脱发护理

100%满意 整体使用感受

100%满意 改善了掉落毛发数量的减少

100%满意 改善头皮屑和瘙痒症状

100%满意 舒缓改善头皮

100%满意 改善头皮弹性

100%满意 改善头皮水分含量

1,240小时,7个阶段的诚意 含有20,000ppm的发根精华,为脱发管理开辟了新方向。

01 强化头发的关键成分-保持高贵


含有 99.9%纯24K金

02 它被融化,以便更深入地-到达终点





03 丰富的泡沫力,健康护发-完全包含





04 头皮也是皮肤所以很珍贵


  • 不含51种令头皮烦恼的成分,使用安全。
  • 不含7 不含防腐剂
  • 不含26 过敏原成分
  • 不含18种 有害化学成分


  1. 用温水充分润湿头皮和头发。
  2. 像梳理头发一样,用发根摩擦头发,产生泡沫。
  3. 将丰富的泡沫像按摩一样涂抹在头皮和头发的每个角落,并停留约3分钟。
  4. 最后彻底冲洗,以免残留。




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