Motonozen Two Sided Eyelid Tape (S 80pcs) 日本 MOTONOZEN 素之然双面透明双眼皮贴 (S号 80枚)


Motonozen Two Sided Eyelid Tape (S 80pcs)

Strong Two-sided Eye Lid Tape with special adhesive tape that makes ideal double eyelid by sticking deeply inside the desirable eyelid crease. It helps to lift the eyelids as well as beautifies the overall eyes corners with extended vision, and make your eyes look bigger and brighter than before. It contains a V-shaped pointer is included to assist you in adjusting the height and placement of eyelid tape precisely. 

  • Super strong holding.
  • Invisible when applied and stay inside the crease all day long.
  • Strong water and sweat resistance.

W 0.63 x H 0.07 inches (16x2mm), 20 pcs x 4 = 80 total


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