My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记

My Beauty Diary Red Vine Revitalizing Facial Mask 8pcs 我的美丽日记 红酒多酚焕采面膜 8片


Red Vine:

My Beauty Diary natural key line red vine mask whitens, tightens skin and fights against oxidization.

Antioxidant: contains polyphenols in Flavonoid serves as an effective antioxidant to fight against free radicals and suppress the formation of collagen dissolvent, keeping skin elastic.

Convergent Skin and Boost Circulation: Anthocyans and tannins boost circulation and convergent skin, leaving skin white and tight with natural blush.

Amazing Nano Spheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized.

23ml each/8pieces


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