My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记

My Beauty Diary Royal Pearl Radiance Facial Masks 8pcs 我的美丽日记 皇室珍珠晶亮面膜 8片


Royal Pearl:

This mask also combines the double-acting moisturizing ingredients cosphingotm x aqua road to promote hydrated, whitened and radiant skin. Formulated with tea extract and enriched with tea polyphenols and mulberry extract to help restore a luminous complexion, keeping the skin soft, clear and translucent.

Nourishing and repairing: herbal extracts from sugar maple, gingko and malvasylvestris provide a protective layer to help the skin defend against environmental damage, retain skin moisture and support healthy skin texture. Formulated with extracts from licorice and hydrolyzed yeast protein to effectively soothe, nourish and encourage skin renewal, giving a visibly whiter and smoother complexion.

23ml each/8 pieces


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