NAIAD Henna 100% Hair Dye [Red Brown] 100G


Naiad Henna 100% (Red-Brown) is a 100% hair dye from India that you want to dye in Red-brown.  Henna is a wonderful herb that combines hair coloring and treatment effects. Henna has long been used in hair dyeing, body painting, manicure, etc. in various parts of the world, and has beautifully colored the hair, skin and nails of women. The most simple "Henna 100%" in the Naiad Henna series, using only 100% of the carefully selected henna. Recommended for those who want to try the goodness of Henna. Ideal for treatments as well as gray hair dyeing of natural materials. Henna's astringent effect gives the hair gloss and gives a soft and fluffy finish. White hair turns reddish brown. No use of surfactants, petroleum-derived materials, chemical synthesis additives.

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【白髪を赤茶色に染めたい方向け/天然素材100%の染毛料】ヘナ100%(赤茶色)100g [商品番号:bi2277]【白髪を赤茶色に染めたい方向け/天然素材100%の染毛料】ヘナ100%(赤茶色)100g [商品番号:bi2277]



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