NAIAD Henna +Herbs Hair Dye [Red Brown] 100G


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Naiad Henna + Herbs is a 100% natural gray hair dye that allows you to enjoy the treatment effect while dyeing the gray hair in red brown color. Henna is a wonderful herb that combines hair coloring and treatment effects. Mokuran has a long history as an amber dye. Xylophone has attracted attention in recent years as a plant hair dye. "Henna + Herbs" is the original recipe of Naiad Co., Ltd., which contains xylophone and 10 herbs in Henna. For those who want to dye their gray hair in a calm color, and those who can not brighten their hair color because of work, it is also recommended for men. No use of surfactants, petroleum-derived materials, chemical synthesis additives.

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【白髪を落ち着いた「黒茶系」の色に染めたい方向け/自然素材で安心な髪染に】ヘナ+木藍(黒茶系)100g [商品番号:bi2273]


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