Needs Labo

Needs Labo Foldable Reversible UV Hat 99% UV Cut- Black Blue 日本NEEDS LABO 双面可折隔热防晒帽(黑色+蓝条纹)


Only 2 pieces in stock!


  • Reversible hat blocks 99% of UV rays and has UPF50+ 
  • Foldable and fits in bag
  • Wire in a front edge. You can adjust the shape of hat 
  • Reversible design: Monotone Black/Light blue and white stripes
  • Wide edge protects you from the sun : 12cm/4.7 inches 

petitark: 99% of foldable reversible UV hat black horizontal ...折りたためるリバーシブルUV帽子 【ブラック×ボーダー】99%UVカット ...


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