Needs Labo

Needs LABO UV Cut Hat SHADAN - Black Dot 日本NEEDS LABO 双面可折隔热防晒帽(黑色+圆点)


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  • Helps to keep cool feeling in the sun's rays 
  • COOL MAX: absorbs sweat and dries quickly. The hat is made with the fabric that allows air to pass freely through. 
  • SHADAN technology: Infrared reflecting ceramic and polyester with titanium oxide work to cut heat out and ultraviolet rays 
  • Soft and smooth finished material. It's foldable and fits in a bag
  • Wide edge protects you from the sun: 12cm/4.7 inches 
  • 100% polyester : UVカット率99% 遮熱折りたためるクール日よけ帽子 ...

遮熱折りたためるクール日よけ帽子 ブラック×ドット 東急ハンズ 東急 ...


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