【NEW LIMITED EDITION 2018】SHISEIDO Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder 25g 資生堂 2018限量版 心機晚安粉

$50 $109

The release date is September 21, 2018.

Made in Japan 

SHISEIDO Snow Beauty 2018 Limited Edition Whitening Face Powder is a medical whitening skin care powder which you can use as a finishing touch after makeup in the morning, and as a skin treatment at night.

  • Medicated whitening pressed face powder
  • Minimizes the appearance of lines and pores
  • Formulated with the effective whitening ingredient M-Tranexamic Acid
  • Inhibiting melanin production effectively prevent dark spots at Day and Night
  • Absorbs excess oil and prevent makeup from creasing for a beautiful finish that lasts all day
  • Contains: M-Tranexamic Acid, Acetylated sodium hyaluronate, Glycerine and more
  • Accessory: 2 puffs ( For Day and Night ) 


  1. 定妆蜜粉:上完妆后能让妆感更漂亮。没有过重的粉感,能有细腻的透明感。
  2. 晚安蜜粉:将保养品紧紧地封锁着,并且让脸没有涂抹完保养品的湿黏感。
  3. 美白效果:添加了m-传明酸,抑制皱纹,斑点,有美白效果。
  4. 轻薄妆感:只有上妆前或是BB霜时,使用后自然,有透明感,适合轻薄妆感时。
  5. 补妆蜜粉:吸收多余油分,让脸不再油亮亮。
  6. 其他部位使用:涂抹身体乳,护手霜之后也能使用在身体的其他部位,让皮肤看起来更好。
  7. 放松香氛:可以安神的香气。在使用中也能让心情放松。





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