NIHON YAKKEN 100% 25 Vegetables Lactic Acid Bacteria Enzyme Drink 30pcks/box 薬健 金の青汁25種純國產蔬菜乳酸菌x酵素青汁 30包/盒


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NIHON YAKKEN 100% 25 Vegetables Lactic Acid Bacteria Enzyme Drink

100% Japanese young barley grass

Contains 100% chemical-free green barley produced in Japan by contract farms!

Absolutely no sub-materials, flavoring agents, additives or preservatives!

We use 25 different varieties of extraordinarily nutritious, entirely Japan-produced vegetables, including green barley grown in Kyushu.

Each pack contains 20 billion lactobacilli to improve gut flora. To supplement nutrition for dieters, we also include active enzymes derived from green papayas.

For flavor, we use Okinawan brown sugar, which adds a gentle sweetness.

A good taste and rich nutrients

A refreshing flavor, reminiscent of maccha tea, and without the earthiness often associated with aojiru. Rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients!

How to drink

Pour 100 ml of water or milk and mix well before eating. Take 1~2pack per day.


Green barley powder (from Kyushu), water-soluble dietary fiber, reduced maltose, kale powder, brown sugar, starch, papaya extract, sterilized lactic acid bacteria powder (contains dairy), vegetable powder (okra, cabbage, kale, carrot, pumpkin, burdock, sweet potato, taro, shiitake, broccoli, ashitaba, asparagus, edamame, komatsuna, celery, daikon, daikon leaf, onion, parsley, spinach, lemon, lotus root), mulberry leaf powder, bitter melon powder, moroheiya powder, peucedanum japonicum powder, roasted soybean flour (contains soybeans)

薬健 金の青汁25種純國產蔬菜乳酸菌x酵素青汁



食用前倒入100毫升水或牛奶搅拌均匀。 每天服用1~2包。





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