NO BRAND Soft Egg Biscuit 诺倍得 鸡蛋小饼干 220g


NO BRAND Soft Egg Biscuit

Egg biscuit snack that is made softer and more delicious by containing eggs, and ingredient loved by all ages. In a good bite size, so it's perfect as a snack for children. Soft and savory egg flavor explodes in your mouth and melts after a few chew. Also goes well with fresh milk and experience it in a totally different way.


Flour (wheat: American), sugar, whole egg liquid (Domestic) 15%, shortening (palm oil: Malaysian spice oleoresins), corn starch, processed grain products, processed butter, mixed milk powder, emulsifier, refined salt | Acidity regulator 1, acidity regulator 2, vanillin, mixed formulation (palm oil, refined processed oil, synthetic flavoring, olive oil, canola oil, triacetin, ethyl alcohol), mixed formulation (natural flavoring, synthetic flavoring, ethyl alcohol), vitamin B2
Contains wheat, egg and milk

*Made in Korea

诺倍得 鸡蛋小饼干

鸡蛋饼干,含有鸡蛋,更加松软可口,是老少皆宜的食材。 一口大小正好,非常适合作为儿童零食。 柔软可口的鸡蛋味在口中爆发,咀嚼几下即化。 还可以与鲜牛奶完美搭配,带来完全不同的体验。


面粉(小麦:美国)、糖、全蛋液(国内)15%、起酥油(棕榈油:马来西亚香料油树脂)、玉米淀粉、加工谷物制品、加工黄油、混合奶粉、乳化剂、精制盐 |酸度调节剂1 酸度调节剂2、香草醛、混合配方(棕榈油、精制加工油、合成香料、橄榄油、菜籽油、醋精、乙醇)、混合配方(天然香料、合成香料、乙醇)、维生素B2



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