NOWATER Prestige73 Teatree Peel Off Mask 韩国NOWATER 茶树撕拉式面膜 70g


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NOWATER Prestige73 Teatree Peel Off Mask

  • Super intensive peel-off mask that blooms from the inside
  • Cutting-edge cream sheet that is easy to apply and peel off
  • Contains 70% T1 collagen (700,000 ppm)
  • Teatree extract for healing and soothing your skin
  • 300 Dalton low molecular collagen for deep absorption into skin
  • Excellent fit that does not drip
  • For easier skin absorption of active ingredients 


  1. Take an appropriate amount and thinly apply to skin with mini spatula to the thickness of paper
  2. Wait long enough for transparent film to form.
  3. After about 10-15 minutes, remove transparent film.

    *Made in Korea

    韩国NOWATER 茶树撕拉式面膜

    • 由内而外绽放的超强效撕拉式面膜
    • 尖端霜片,易于涂抹和剥离
    • 含有 70% T1 胶原蛋白 (700,000 ppm)
    • 茶树提取物可治愈和舒缓肌肤
    • 300 道尔顿低分子胶原蛋白,可深层吸收到皮肤中
    • 完美贴合,不滴水
    • 让皮肤更容易吸收活性成分


    1. 取适量,用迷你抹刀薄薄地涂抹在皮肤上,直至纸的厚度
    2. 等待足够长的时间以形成透明薄膜。
    3. 约10-15分钟后,除去透明薄膜。



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