Number Three DEUXER 3241 Hair Styling Wax 80g [9 Types]


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Best for short hair and other lengths. DEUXER is one of the most popular waxes in Japan due to its high-end quality, especially in usability and long hour holding power. All DEUXER styling products contain either Macadamia nuts oil or Macadamia nuts butter with treatment effects to the hair. It can create various hair styles without making the hair heavy even though it gives mild moisture rich feeling to the hair.
  • 1 - Aqua Gloss Wax

It gives the hair smoothness to the touch, natural control and fresh luster. Work best in giving natural texture without stickiness. It can be used as a pre-blow-drying base create extra luster.

  • 2 - Soft Wax

A light setting formula produces natural direction and control. It helps to divide the hair into soft tufts and works best in giving the hair full of nuances. It is also an effective tool to give natural movements on hair end or form soft curls.

  • 3 - Medium Soft Wax

It is a medium-hold hair-designing wax to create airy look and define movements. Just the right degree of setting action defines movements on hair ends and yet makes the style look lightweight. Lightness and setting action make it the best choice to create airiness and separation.

  • 4 - Medium Hard Wax

A medium hold wax designed to keep style in place and also creates lift at the roots. It gives hair shine while the fiber component defines movement and maintains hold. Apply it carefully near the roots and it will adorn the style with movement and define the hair. 

  • 5 - Hard Wax

Intense setting action allows this strong hold wax to create daring styles. Whether twisted pieces, lifted at the roots or movement of hair ends, it keeps the style firmly in place. Choose it for styles featuring separation, sculpted look or defined edges.

  • 6 - Dry Paste Wax

Though intense in setting action, it creates a dry and lightweight texture. Choose it to add volume. It is also recommended to natural movements for accentuation. It assures near perfect hold, but allows restyling. 

  • 3S - Medium Soft Wax

This is a balanced type, creating an airy look and movement in your hair.

  • 5S - Hard Smooth Wax

A hard holding wax that keeps smooth 3D dimensional shapes. It's strong hold creates airy volume and movement. Best suited for shirt styles and for designing bold overall movement.

  • 6G - Aqua Gel Wax

A firm holding gel wax that creates a wet look & shine. It's extra strong hold creates obvious ridges and movement. Contains a style keeping ingredient. Can be used on dry or wet hair, or mixed with any other wax.

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  • 80g


  • Spread appropriate amount on palms and apply throughout the hair to create desired effects. 

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