O HUI Age Recovery Cream 2Pcs Set 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜霜2件套装

O HUI Age Recovery Cream 2Pcs Set
  • The Baby collagen ingredient developed by O HUI is an essence that fills in the baby collagen that disappears in the skin due to age, making the skin as soft and elastic as a baby.
  • It is an essence-type moisturizing lotion and lotion that can inhibit the loss of moisture in the skin to the external environment and maintain moisture for a long time.
  • Strengthen the skin’s own moisture regulation ability, prolong skin aging, make the skin more energetic and healthy, form a protective film on the skin, and bring a unique and excellent moisturizing feeling.
  • A concentrated moisturizing cream that helps strengthen damaged skin’s moisture barrier and easily create moist, elastic skin.
  • Improve fine lines, firm and lift, increase elasticity, moisturize and repair damaged skin
Set includes:
  • O HUl Age Recovery Cream 50ml
  • O HUl Age Recovery Cream 30ml
  • O HUl Age Recovery Skin Softener 20ml
  • O HUl Age Recovery Emulsion 20ml
  • O HUI Age Recovery Soft Amino Foam 35ml
  • O HUl  Age Recovery Collagen Eye Patches 2 pairs
欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜霜2件套装
  • O HUI 发的 Baby collagen 成份, 填充因年龄增长肌肤内消失的婴儿胶原蛋白,使肌肤像婴儿般柔软且富有弹性的精华
  • 可抑制皮肤中的水分向外部环境流失,是一种可以长久保持滋润的精华类保湿润肤水及乳液
  • 加强皮肤本身的水分调节能力,延长皮肤老化,使肌肤更加充满活力与健康,能在皮肤上形成保护膜,带来与众不同的卓越保湿感觉
  • 有助于强化受损的肌肤保湿屏障,轻松打造润泽,极具弹力肌肤的集中保湿面霜
  • 改善细纹、紧致提升、增加弹性、滋润保湿、修护受损肌肤
  • 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜霜 50ml
  • 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜霜 30ml
  • 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕修护液 20ml
  • 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜修护乳液 20ml
  • 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜氨基酸洁面 35ml
  • 欧蕙 逆时空婴儿胶原蛋白眼膜 2

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