O HUI Age Recovery Essence 2PCS Special Set


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AGE RECOVERY ESSENCE : A baby collagen essence which fills your skin with baby collagen and make a lost star-shaped skin pattern to keep your skin young and resilient.


Set consist of: 

1. AGE RECOVERY Skin Softener (20ML) - *Anti-wrinkle . A highly enriched essential milky toner which strengthens the foundation of the skin. *Nutritious 

Directions: After cleansing your face, take an amount of 500won size of the product and apply on face. 


2. AGE RECOVERY essence (45ml/20ml) - *Anti-wrinkle. A baby collagen essence which keeps your skin young and resilient. 

Directions: Pump this product about twice and evenly apply onto face. Tap face with both hands to make it absorb in skin. 


3. AGE RECOVERY emulsion (20ml) - *Anti-wrinkle. A functional lotion which makes optimized conditions for your skin.  

Directions: After applying essence, take an amount of 100won size of product and apply on face. Wrap face with both hands and make it absorbed into skin. 


4. AGE RECOVERY cream (7ml) - *Anti-wrinkles. An elasticity cream which keeps your skin fine and firm. 

Directions: At the last stage of basic skin care, take an appropriate amount of product and apply to both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, and then tap with both fingertips and palms. 


5. AGE RECOVERY essential mask (1PCS) - *Anti-wrinkles. A star anti-aging intensive care sheet mask that makes healthy, beautiful, glowing skin with baby Collagen. 

Directions: *Recommended leave for about 10 to 20 minutes while relaxing. 


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