O HUI Age Recovery Essence Set 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜精华套装

O HUI Age Recovery Essence Set

This premium anti-aging essence helps recover youthful and resilient skin by filling in baby collagen which has decreased in production from advancing years.  This highly functional formula contains the same baby collagen found in the skin, so it penetrates immediately upon application.  The non-greasy texture is perfect for all year around anti-aging care.

Set includes:
  • Age Recovery Essence 90ml
  • Age Recovery Soft Amino Foam 45ml
  • Age Recovery Collagen Eye Patches 2 pairs
欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜精华套装


  • 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜精华 90ml
  • 欧蕙 时光菁纯焕颜氨基酸洁面 45ml
  • 欧蕙 逆时空婴儿胶原蛋白眼膜 2

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