O HUI Phyto Vital Prime Advancer Skin Softener 150ml 欧蕙 多效活妍凝润露 150ml


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 O HUI Phyto Vital Prime Advancer Skin Softener

It is an essence type high moisturizing skin softener, containing abundant amount of ampoules that makes skin core firm Transparent formula is absorbed quickly and gently, and fills moisture with smooth texture without filling and stickiness

 This helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles on skin

How to use
After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount, spread evenly over the entire face, tap it gently and absorb in morning and evening.

欧蕙 多效活妍凝润露


水是透明且流动性较强的水液质地,微黏,但吸收后并不黏腻,乳液质地介于OHUI的极致(The First) 和逆时空(Age Recovery) 之间,不算轻薄但也不厚重。水乳整体的使用感,混合肌在秋冬可用,中干皮全年皆可。年龄上也没有太大的划分,28周岁以上的熟龄肌在中间加上抗老精华用就行。






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