House of Rose

Oh! Baby House of Rose Body Smoother Sweet Summer Scent 350g 日本玫瑰之家OH! BABY系列甘夏柑橘限定身体磨砂膏350G


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Product Feature:

 A body scrub that smoothes and softens tough skin. A massage paste for "elbows, knees, and heels" that gently eliminates dead skin cells. As a beauty moisturizing element, it contains magnificent Sweet Summer Scent. The sweet and sour and bittersweet scent is nostalgic.

How to Use:

-After rinsing your body with water, just take some Oh! Baby  and massage it all over your body.

-Pay more attention to knees, elbows and shoulders as these areas are more prone to skin roughness.  

-It is a lot gentler to sensitive skin than most body scrubs which tend to use salt or sugar grains.

-It’s super easy to wash off as it’s not oily or gooey.

-Use it daily and watch your skin become softer, smoother and your body will absorb moisturizers more readily.





润湿身体后,取适量,加水或温水揉搓至变软,然后涂抹全身,重点放在手肘、膝盖和脚后跟,轻轻按摩。 然后彻底冲洗。



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