Ohana Mahaalo Cool & Moist Fragrance Body Frozen #Fula ku'ulei 140G

  • Body gel with a smoothie-like touch, invite the skin to have a smoothie under the sun!
  • Add minty cool ingredients and 3 natural plant moisturizing essences (Hawthorn, grapefruit, lemon).Immediately calm the skin after sun exposure, bringing a refreshing sense of cool breeze!
  • You can also put the cool smoothies in the refrigerator and rub them in the hot weather or after the sun, immediately bringing the cold feeling of washing the cold shower!
  • How to use: Apply evenly to the skin.

About fragrance

Fula means "Dancing" ku'ulei means "Darling".Only the sweet time of two people spending on the south island.
In a moment like a dream, two people who love each other stare at each other. It is sweet and sour scent.

BLEND:Cassis, Raspberry, Peony


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