OHANA MAHAALO Crayon de Parfum 1pc


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Crayon de Parfum spreads its scent with body temperature.
A gentle scent wraps you up with a crayon-like perfume that you want to collect all species.
Get your favorite scent.

About fragrance

Halia Nohea

Halia means 「Memories」, Nohea means「Cute」.It stirs a girl’s mind just like a fantastic and cute fairly tale full of joy. Keeping its feminine impression as is, floral, fruity and amber fragrances mix and spread.

BLEND:Floral,Fruity blend,Amber

Pikake Aulii

Pikake means 「Jasmine」, Aulii means「Elegant」.
Exchanging words, staring each other, and kissing…the anticipation of the sweet and tantalizing love. Pretty flowers of pikakes (jasmines), fruity aroma and vanilla are delicately blended in harmony.

BLEND:Pikake,Fruity blend,Vanilla

Laule'a Puae

Laule'a means 「Happiness」, Puae means「Pure flowers」.
Just like a flower shower that celebrates the eternal love, it wraps you with feminine love and colorful happiness. Dancing fragrances of hyacinth flowers of various colors and jasmines are gently escorted by the scent of musk.


Koloa Kamarii

Koloa means "the duck”, Kamarii means "the children".
Soft young grass, small pretty flowers blooming,
In a warm field that has just reached spring,
Duck kids are playing innocently.
Fresh prune and geranium
Harmony that sweet smell plays.




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