OHANA MAHAALO Fragrance Body Butter 〈PIKAKE AULII〉110G


High moisturizing body cream that firmly moisturizes the areas of dryness such as the back of the hand, fingertips, elbows, knees, heels, side flanks.
Even if you use it after body cream, or use on a part where drying is worrisome OK!
It is a winter must-have item where coldness is severe.

BLEND:Pikake,Fruity blend,Vanilla

About fragrance

Pikake means 「Jasmine」, Aulii means「Elegant」.
Exchanging words, staring each other, and kissing…the anticipation of the sweet and tantalizing love. Pretty flowers of pikakes (jasmines), fruity aroma and vanilla are delicately blended in harmony.


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