OHANA MAHAALO Fragrance Shampoo〈Halia nohea〉 465ML


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Luxuriously formulated with 5 types of human ceramide and many cosmetic moisturizing ingredients.
Even though it is non-silicone, it leads to a nice, moist and smooth, glossy hair.
⭐︎ 5 types of human ceramide formulation
⭐︎ 5 types of botanical oil
⭐︎ 5 types of botanical extract Moisturizing ingredient combination (hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C derivative)
⭐︎ Heat protection ingredient combination
⭐︎ 5 free (paraben, ethanol, silicone, petroleum-based sea surface active agent, synthetic coloring agent)
Eyebrow color hair moist ingredient combination

About fragrance

Halia means 「Memories」, Nohea means「Cute」.It stirs a girl’s mind just like a fantastic and cute fairly tale full of joy. Keeping its feminine impression as is, floral, fruity and amber fragrances mix and spread

BLEND:Floral,Fruity blend,Amber


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