OHANA MAHAALO Fragrance Treatment 〈Halia nohea〉 465ML


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In addition to beauty moisturizing ingredients, plus Argan oil and shea butter.
We take care of the damage to the hair we receive every day, and even if time passes, it does not pass,
It leads to moist and smooth glossy hair that is easy to style.
⭐︎ 5 types of human ceramide formulation
⭐︎ 5 types of botanical oil
⭐︎ 5 types of botanical extract Moisturizing ingredient combination (hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C derivative)
⭐︎ Heat protection ingredient combination
⭐︎ 4 free (paraben, ethanol, petroleum-based sea surface active agent, synthetic coloring agent)
Eyebrow color hair moist ingredient combination

About fragrance

Halia means 「Memories」, Nohea means「Cute」.It stirs a girl’s mind just like a fantastic and cute fairly tale full of joy. Keeping its feminine impression as is, floral, fruity and amber fragrances mix and spread.


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