Ohana Mahaalo Hair Emulsion (Halia nohea) 日本Ohana Mahaalo 护发精华乳 (奇幻梦境) 82g


Ohana Mahaalo Hair Emulsion (Halia nohea)

    Halia nohea: floral, fruity, amber

    A fragrance hair emulsion that moisturizes and moisturizes dry hair tips.
    Contains 5 types of ceramides to moisturize and wrapdry hair for beautiful hair with a gentle scent that is supple and cohesive to the tips. It is also recommended as a natural styling product. Contains 5 types of moisturizing ingredients to make your hair shiny.

    How to Use

    No need to rinse, it can be used on semi-dry or completely dry hair after washing. Take an appropriate amount and rub evenly on the middle of the hair until the hair is blow-dried or styled.

    日本Ohana Mahaalo 护发精华乳 (奇幻梦境)


    含有 5 种神经酰胺,可滋润和包裹头发,使秀发具有柔和的香味,让发尾柔软。 含有5种保湿成分,让您的头发有光泽。




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