Ohe AWAYUKI Nylon Body Towel Super Hard (Black) 1pc 日本Ohe Awayuki 尼龙搓澡浴巾 (黑色)


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This body towel will create a fine, dense lather and wash your body gently. 

  • Body towel with plenty of foam using "66 nylon".
  • Skin feel super hard type.
  • Comfortable with a hard stimulus and cleans up clearly.
  • Ultra-fine fiber that produces fine bubbles.
  • Size (about): width 28 × length 120cm
  • Material: 100% nylon



オーエ あわゆき ナイロンタオル ブラック 超かため 61511 (ボディタオル)Image result for 4901065615115


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