Ohta Isan

Ohta Isan Antacid 4.94 oz 太田胃散 4.94 oz


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Product feature:

Overdrinking, Heartburn, Heaviness in the stomach, Overeating, Stomachache, Stomach discomfort, Indigestion, For promoting digestion, Loss of appetite, Gastrasthenia, Hyperacidity, Feeling of stomach and abdominal distention, Nausea (nausea due to hangover and overdrinking), Vomiting, Heaviness in the chest, Belching.


飲酒過量、胃灼熱、胃脹、暴飲暴食、胃痛、胃部不適、消化不良、促進消化、食慾不振、胃虛、胃酸過多、胃腹脹感、噁心(宿醉和過量飲酒引起的噁心)、嘔吐、沉重 在胸部,打嗝。


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