O HUI Clinic Science Deep Medi-Cleansing Foam Set (Acne Skin Type)


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(Functional cosmetic for acne skin) 

The first step of 3 + 1 Clinic Science to end vicious cycle of oily and sensitive skin for a pure complexion. Enriched with mandarin peel extract, jeju borealis makino extract, white willow peel extract, and salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of acne. The special applicator included helps scrub grains in the foam cleanse inside the pores thoroughly to get rid of sebum and blackheads. 


Direction: Wet face with lukewarm water sufficiently. Take an appropriate amount of product using the included applicator and lather sufficient foam by massaging on face in a gentle circular motion. Draw smaller circles if or in areas where sebum and blackheads are excessive to give extra care for delicate cleansing. Rinse with water thoroughly.


Cautions: Take extra care to avoid contact with eyes. IF the grains enter into eyes, wash with runny water and do not rub. If they are still inside the eyes, seek medical advice.


How to use: Take an appropriate amount of the product on a cotton wool and lather sufficiently. Massage into face and rinse with water.



✔The cleansing foam thoroughly cleans excess sebum and purifies pores through double excoriating and ells managing clean and soft skin.

✔Helps managing fresh and clear skin. Helps reduce the appearance of acne on skin.

✔ Ends the vicious cycle of oily or sensitive skin.

✔The applicator helps cleaning skin pore deep inside, which is also helpful for removing blackheads.


Set includes: 

  • 1 Applicator (Silicone Facial Scrubber) 
  • 2 [Step 1] Deep medi-cleansing foam (120ML and 40ML) 


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