OKAMOTO 003 0.03mm Latex Condoms 10pcs 日本冈本 003经典白金超薄0.03mm安全套 10枚/盒


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OKAMOTO 003 0.03mm Latex Condoms

003 is one of the finest condoms available in the market. Okamoto struggled to challenge the manufacturing techniques required to make a fine yet strong latex condoms. 003 has realized a big advancement in the manufacturing process.

The super thermal conductivity is higher than that of the Pudao condom, and it feels like the real touch of the skin! Soft and real, the top manor latex is softer, there is no feeling of tightening when using it, and it will not hinder the transmission of temperature and feeling! It is flexible and close to the skin, Let the transparency and flexibility have both, stealth and comfort into one.

200% lubricated, ultra-thin, anti-allergic

日本冈本 003经典白金超薄0.03mm安全套

003是市面上其中一款最薄的安全套。冈本一直致力研究制作超薄且符合安全要求的安全套。而冈本。零零三亦体现了超薄安全套在制作工艺上的一大进步。 直径 32mm 圆周 100.5mm 阔度 50mm 长度 170mm 透明无色 非杀精形润滑剂 气味消除处理



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