Okamoto Love Dome Panther Condom 12 pcs

  • For Maximum enjoyment and safe sex,please read and follow the Instructions inside the packet.
  • Oil based Lubricants can damage natural latex condoms. Non vaginal use of condoms increases the risk of slipping or being damaged.
  • Use only one condom at one time.
  • No method of contraception can provide 100%protections against pregnancy or sexually transmitter infection(STls) including HIV(AIDS).
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and store in cool and dry place.
  • Condoms for women - 4 times the gel content compared to normal condoms (based on our products) - Aloe vera gel content - Female condoms made for women - Condoms for women made by Okamoto
  • [LOVE DOME] Rabudomu Pander 12 pieces
  • World Best Condom series // Japanese product that has formally production.
  • A variety of relationships during pleasure.
  • A Japanese products manufactured using premium rubber.
  • Natural rubber products.

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