Okina Mouthwash Long Spin Citrus Mint Flavor Zero 14ml x 100pcs 便携式漱口水-薄荷柚子味(无酒精款)

Okina Long Spin Zero mouthwash is Alcohol-free and fortified with CPC to fight cavities and bad breath. Convenient 14ml one-time use packets for travel, work, school, picnics, camping etc. Naturally sweetened with xylitol only, no artificial flavors. With peppermint extract to freshen breath. Refreshing citrus mint flavor that's mild and can be used even by people that don't like minty taste. Made in Japan by Okina Co. Ltd. 

  • Anticavity mouthwash with CPC to protect against cavities and bad breath and peppermint extract keeps breath fresh
  • Travel size oral rinse each 14ml one-time use, 100 packets. Convenient size to carry to school, office, camping and more
  • Delicious Mint and citrus flavored mouthwash. You''ll be addicted right after first try!
  • Uses natural sweetener xylitol and stevia. No artificial sweeteners
  • Okina Long spin mouthwash 100% made in Japan, Gentle on teeth and Alcohol-free
  • Zero Alcohol

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