ONE-DAY'S YOU Help Me! Honey-C Pad 60 Pads/Box 韩国 One-Day's You 急救蜂蜜維生素C爽膚棉 60片/盒


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ONE-DAY'S YOU Help Me! Honey-C Pad

One day’s you Honey-c Pad are convenient and easy way to incorporate toner into your skincare routine. They are pre-soaked in toner and can be used to remove excess dirt and oil, restore the skin’s natural pH balance, and prepare the skin for the next step in your skincare routine.

  • Brightening and moisturizing
  • Energize dull and tired looking skin
  • Gives you brighter looking skin after every use

Daily Brightening and Moisturizing Toner Pad

Honey-C Pad has calamansi fruit extract, propolis extract and tangerine peel extract that helps to prevent blemishes and leads to soft and smooth skin. Also it has antioxidant properties that gets rid of skin free radicals, and helps to moisturize skin and strengthen skin elasticity. Also it helps to minimize the appearance of pores and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Ovearall, toner pads are a great addition to any skincare routine as they provide a number of benefits for the skin.


Calamansi Fruit Extract:
Rich in vitamin C which prevents blemishes and leads to soft skin

Propolis Extract:
Has antioxidant properties that get rid of skin free radicals and help to moisturize skin and strengthen the skin elasticity

Tangerine Peel Extract:
It helps with pore care and skin tone brightening

How to use

1. Using the embossed side, gently wipe your face to get rid of dead skin, sebum and dirt from the pores.

2. Use the soft side to wipe around the nose, chin and other troubled areas to get rid of dead skin

3. Tap skin gently to absorb the remaining toner into the skin 

- 亮泽保溼
- 爲暗沉疲惫的肌肤注入活力
- 每次使用后都能让肌肤更加明亮

- 金桔提取物
- 蜂胶粉提取物
- 温州蜜柑皮提取物
- 专利成分 Pro Vita-C

使用方式 :
1. 用爽肤棉比较粗的一侧,轻轻擦拭面部可去除角质,去除毛孔中的皮脂和杂质。
2. 用爽肤棉柔软的一侧,再度擦拭整个面部和颈部。
3. 用手指轻轻地将爽肤水轻拍进皮肤里


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